About Me

About Mama Sonia

Let us work together to get you the right help GUARANTEED

Email: sonia@distance-female-healer.info
Tel or WhatsApp: +27 79 255  2472

I was born in Malindi off mainland Kenya. Having a burning desire to help people I became interested in the field of Hypnotherapy, Metaphysics, Ancient Wisdom, Paranormal and decided to make it my full time career. I went through full time training in these fields.

But am also a Herbalist and Traditional healer. The reason why I classify myself into these two categories is because of the unique way I have walked a path created by my elders, spiritual guides and my ancestors on the traditional islands of Pemba under the strict and keen eye of spirits and ancestors.

As a healer I was taught how to read and interpret signs to physically manifest God’s will in one’s life. I simply cast my eyes on you and images of all your problems start manifesting themselves in my mind. I was also taught how to obtain knowledge about problems and solutions through paranormal forces.

As a Traditional Healer am able to use natural methods including but not limited to herbs to solve problems. I have actually gone thorough training in the art of herbal treatment.

Your Happiness is Important to Me

I am motivated by human happiness. That is what I work for. When you are happy the whole world becomes a better place for all of us. It happiness of one person a time.  When I work I focus on you. It is about you to achieve your interests. I want to bring a smile on your face.

All the bad things you see in the world are mostly motivated by unhappiness in people. That is what motivates me to bring a smile to those that come for help from me.

Source of our Products

We source our products from all over the globe. Most the herbs though come from mainland Africa. African societies depend on herbs for a greater part of your health.

Without herbs these societies would be completely decimated.

Our major focus is sexuality and beauty.

We have a limited time on earth, let us live in this world happy. It is within us to change what happens in our life.

You have found me, I will be batting on your side to ensure that things that are not good on life  are changed for the better.

May I help you?

I have worked with people on four continents. I am one of the leading herbalists in Africa.  I work as remote viewer. I have the capacity to give you an in depth, informative and accurate herbal help to solve most of your ills. I have discussed in this website areas that I concentrate on.

I will also help in channeling you into the right path.

I have focused all my energies on problems that often inflict mankind an that is employment, love and sexuality.

I am a genuine and ethical herbalist. To me, my patients are my main focus. It is about you and not about me.

I do not tell you what you want to hear. No. I simply pass on the information to you from your ancestors unedited. This ensures that you know the truth and not sugar coated half truths.

Let us work together to get you the right help. GUARANTEED

Email: sonia@distance-female-healer.info
Tel or WhatsApp: +27 79 255 2472