Where to Buy Mulondo Herb – Mulondo Herb Helpful Guide 2020

Where to buy Mulondo herb – For a strong erection and delayed ejaculation.  

Are you dissatisfied with your sexual life? You need to buy the Mulondo herb? Are you having a week erection? Is early ejaculation your problem? Are these problems affecting your sex life? Mulondo Herb is the answer. We have the Mulondo here.

Men suffer in silence with a sexual problem that can be solved.  Woman after woman walk away from you when you should be a magnet for women.  Mulondo herb will change all this for you.

I am sorry to cause you a heart ache but I have to tell you the truth, you are boring your woman or women and in all likelihood they are cheating on you. Women are humans and they have sexual needs just like men. If they get bed disappointment they look for happiness somewhere else. That is the nature of the beast. YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY YOUR WOMAN IS BEING FUCKED BY OTHER MEN BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT FUCK HER PROPERLY. That is reality.

Mulondo Herb

All is not lost. You can change this wimp of a penis of yours into a real penis that does a real job. A penis that your woman will long for all day long and wish she is in bed with you at any given opportunity. A penis that she will hate to ever see other women enjoying.  

That is what Mulondo Herb will do for you.

What is Mulondo Herb

This herb grows mostly in East Africa. Its scientific name is Mondia Whitei.  It is a natural Viagra.  It opens up the veins in the penis, making free flow of blood which in turn  leads to a stronger erection and a powerful delayed ejaculation.

When that happens you get a quick erection, sex lasts longer, you enjoy it more and you also satisfy your woman more. It is a win – win situation all round.  That is the magic of the Mulondo Herb.

Mulondo Herb in the Raw Form

Mulondo herb has all along been used in African Societies since time immemorial.  You will find men of all ages chewing on Mulondo through the day in mostly East African villages. This is to stimulate the sexual areas of these men and keep them effective when they engage in sexual activity.

These African traditional societies discovered the power of Mulondo long ago.  But it is never too late for any one. you know the secret now.  It is your opportunity to take Mulondo herb on a taste and enjoy a new lease of sexual life less any side effects that chemical Viagra brings.

Prowess of Mulondo Herb

There is a secret in an African herb called ‘Mulondo’. This herb is responsible for sex machines on the African continent. If you do not believe me look at African populations. The evidence of usage of these herbs lies in the high child birth on the continent and stickiness of women to their partners despite the low levels wealth.

You will find a man living openly with several wives and none is leaving him despite lack of money in this relationship. The women are saying that in the absence of money at-least the sex is great.

The absence of money is not great but who tells you that women like money only. Women take the money from the rich and get fucked by poor men who can do the job. That is the sad reality.

mulondo herbal power
Father in Uganda with 176 Children. Mulondo Power – Newvision.co.ug

Look at the picture above. It is a true story.  That is no possible without Mulondo herb.  Many men struggle to satisfy one woman. But how about satisfying several women to an extent of making them pregnant.  That is Mulondo Power. Simple. 

Look at the ages of those children.  They many of the same age. This means having sex daily and often several times daily with different women.  You can only do that with Mulondo Herb.

If you want a satisfying sexual life even with one partner, the Mulondo Herb is your solution. Get it Here.

You can have both. You can have the money and the sexual prowess and you will have all the women. That is a guarantee. Take the Mulondo herb and increase you erection and delay your ejaculation and you will perform at high pick levels all the time.

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How the Mulondo Herb Works?  What does Mulondo Do?

Whats causes a weak erection How Mulondo Solves the Problem

A week erection is due to several reasons. It can be sickness.  A sick person will have a weak erection.  It can be due to medication. High blood pressure and those kind of medicines make the erection weak.  It can also be due to stress or over drinking and drug abuse. 

All those issues make it difficult for you to get a full erection.  Mulondo opens up the veins and despite the issues mentioned above the herb is able to engineer a full erection.

Early Ejaculation and How Mulondo Resolves that Problem

Early ejaculation is one other problem that Mulondo herb solves.  Some men actually get an erection and a strong one. But as soon as the penis feels the warmth of the vagina they ejaculate embarrassing both them and the woman. 

The woman partner does not enjoy anything from this encounter.  The man is also disappointed in that no sooner had he started than he finished.  It is a mess.

Mulondo herb opens up the vessels to get more blood into the penis and in the same breath reduces the flow of blood backwards. When that happens you as a man are able to get a good erection, but you are not able to ejaculate quickly.  You are able to last as long as you want to.

When you last long you able to push your woman to her ejaculation ahead of you. She gets more satisfaction from the encounter with you.  Mulondo allows to control when you want to ejaculate and this is satisfaction for both parties. It is a win win situation.

Mulondo herb makes the woman want to have sex with you more and more often because of your prowess in bed.

Mulondo and Sperm Amount

Mulondo herb’s other factor is to make you produce more sperms.  Mulondo herb activates the testis into become more active and therefore produce more sperms.

This heavy production of sperms is the reason why men who take mulondo are produce a lot of kinds.  Mulond allows you to release a lot of sperms

Mulondo Herbs In Nutshell 

It targets those parts of your body responsible for sexual stimulation and ejaculation. It increases the stimulation as well as increasing the blood into your penis. The result is an extremely powerful erection. When the erection is due to high blood flow you do not get the blood back easily and therefore you do not ejaculate quickly. The result is a longer sexual performance and pick performance.

The more blood you have in your penis the greater the erection you will have and the more you are going to last.

African men in the tradition setting figured this out and used to chew on the Mulondo herb every day as they went about their chores. This was in preparation for a night of activity. Remember that in Africa many men have several wives and they have a time table for their wives through week. They spend distributed nights with their women. A man can not visit another wife after spending several nights away and he does not perform. The Mulondo herb does the trick for the women. Each woman experiences the same top performance from the shared husband, all thanks to the Mulondo Herb.

Each woman is always looking forward to her day with her husband. She knows that he will perform effectively thanks to the ‘mulondo’ herb.

How to Take Mulondo

Mulondo originally is a root.  In East African societies it is chewed in the root form as people do their other activities.  It is not something that is frowned on.  It does not raise eye brows. It is a very normal thing.  Mulondo is also good for blood circulation and it has a funny taste when eaten in a root form.  SO eating openly does not attract attention at all. 

How to use mulondo
How to use Mulondo

In the picture above the man and child are eating Mulondo for two different purposes and no one will be bothered.  The child will improve his blood flow and the man will become a sex machine.  

Modernity has not left Mulondo herb behind.  It is now ground and turned into a capsules.  You can take up to 4 capsules daily.  Two in the morning before you eat anything and also two in the evening before you retire to bed.  You will achieve the same results. 

The capsule other than packaged in a modern way, they have nothing more added in them other than pure Mulondo her

Mulondo Capsules
Control Early Ejaculation and get a great erection



Mulondo Herb Benefits

If you want to prove the efficacy of Mulondo herb then visit countries like Uganda.  It is now 80%  percent youth.  25 years ago Uganda had a population if 15 million people, today in just two decades the population has doubled. 

You will find Mulondo herb being peddled everywhere and it has led to men in Uganda to be very sexual. They have strong erections and they last long. Mulondo has led to this population explosion. 

Sex does not mean giving birth. You can control having children with condoms but Mulondo will ensure that you will never a late down in bed ever.

  You can Google : “94 year old man in uganda with 100 children”  to understand the power of Mulondo.  This man is not unique in Uganda at all. The country is littered with men of this capacity, all thanks to the Mulondo herb.

Where to buy Mulondo herb | Where do I find Mulondo herb

We are an online supplier of Mulondo herb. We have ample supplies of Mulondo herb and we shall deliver it anywhere around the globe. If you need the Mulondo just get hold of us and we shall deliver it to you anywhere wherever you are.

An interesting video up there about the power of the Mulondo in Kampala streets.

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Mulondo in Uganda and Kenya

When you are on the streets of Kampala and Nairobi you are going to run into a person selling the real original Mulondo. oN the East Africa streets Mulondo is sold openly in it’s original form. 

You are also bound to run into a person chewing Mulondo on the streets.  It is a delicacy of sorts that prepares men for the night. So, as they go about their daily activities they are always eating way.   This is proof that Mulondo works.  If it does not work for you the night after eating, why would you eat it the day after. People would abandon it.   But it does.  

That is why they keep eating and using it day in day out.

You must also remember that most of East Africa is a polygamous society.  Men have more than one wife.  Men out there have two wives or more and it is the norm other than the exception.  Ant this is true by the way.

Without Mulondo it would be impossible for these men to keep these women going and contended.  Mulondo does this trick and it is an open secret.  Money is important everywhere. But here Mulondo does the trick and money comes in after.

What Mulondo does for East African Men – Uganda and Kenya 

Mulondo opens the veins and also relaxes the men.  Flow of blood and relaxation of the user are the corner stone of the prowess that follows Mulondo Herb users.

To perform at pick form your blood must flow easily and you should be relaxed despite all that is happening around you.  Mulondo removes all the issues around without being a narcotic.  It does intoxicate the user at all. It simply relaxes them making them temporarily oblivious to all that is going on around you good or bad.  

Semanda Marrying 3 women - Mulondo Herb Power
Without Mulondo – Semanda would struggle satisfying his 3 wives.  He married them on the same day in Uganda – Credit NTV Uganda

Mulondo Herb in South Africa | Mulondo Herb for Sale

Mulondo herb is imported from East Africa. It is not indigenous to South Africa.  So if you want the real Mulondo herb this is the right place where you get it delivered to you wherever you are in South Africa.

We  have ground the Mulondo and made it into capsules. There is no any other addition. You are going to get the real Mulondo it’s original form but in capsule format.

This is the time you are going to start enjoying your sexual life like never before. The time for early ejaculation are going to be over.


Mulondo Capsules
Control Early Ejaculation and get a great erection

What is the Difference Between Mulondo And Entengo

Mulondo is for erection, early ejaculation and strong ejaculation. On the other hand Entengo is for penis enlargement.  Penis enlargement is not the same as a dysfunctional penis.

One can have a small penis that works well and that person has not desire in getting that penis grow bigger.  You are fine then. But, if you want to enlarge it then you need Entengo.

On the other hand you can have a penis which struggles to get an erection. And if you get an erection you can not keep it up for a long time. In such a situation you need Mulondo.

Can you use Mulondo and Entengo together, yes of course. You can use the Entengo and Mulondo combo. If you have a small penis you need Entengo, is this small penis also struggling to get erect then you need Mulondo too.   You should use this combo to grow the penis while getting a strong erection.

Mulondo Herb For Sale

We can have Mulondo herb delivered to you wherever you.  We can deliver it in all for corners of the world.  You are not going to get Mulondo in the way it used to be eaten in a root form, you will get capsules. These capsules do exactly the same thing as the original roots.  It is just processed Mulondo and better packaged. But, it maintains all the efficacy.

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